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Our 4th Annual #HH30Days Real Food Challenge begins Sunday, May 1! For the entire month of May, we challenge you to eat only "real" whole foods. To encourage you and keep you motivated, we will be giving out a daily prize, as well as weekly prizes, fun wristbands, and completion discounts for all successful participants. It's not too late to sign up! Get familiar with the rules, read Coach Sarah K's #HH30Days Prep Tips, and then sign up today!

Field Days at Hometown Harvest Farm!

FREE EVENT! Join us at Hometown Harvest Farm for Spring planting!
Saturdays, April 9-May 14 • Email Abby to rsvp.

Let's get to planting!

Last fall, we had our first Field Day out at the farm. Folks came out to the farm and helped us plant over 3,000 cloves of garlic—we had so much enthusiastic help, we were done in less than 90 minutes! This would have taken us about 6 hours to plant, so it was a huge help on the farm. While we appreciated the help, I believe the biggest success of the day was watching how the community came together. Everyone that came out to the farm was passionate about eating local, supporting local farms, and knowing where your food comes from. Folks came from all directions including places in DC, VA, MD. Kids enjoyed playing together on the farm, riding the tractors, and of course learned a few things about how a farm works and where there food comes form. After the planting, we enjoyed a lunch together including lots of great conversations about the farm, delivery service, and agriculture in general.

This was such a positive activity for everyone, we are doing them again. We have selected 5 weekends this spring in April and May where we could use some extra help planting, getting the fields ready, putting in tomato stakes, etc. We will be announcing future days this summer to help in the harvest and for farm tours. Below are the list of days, and planned activities. Farming is weather dependent, so these days are our best plan at the moment. As we get closer, we may need to change the week and or activity based on the season.

April 9: Plant potatoes ( approx. 200 lbs)
April 23: Plant black berries - install trellis for the black berry plants
April 30: Field Prep - Pick up rocks, put down plastic
May 7: Plant tomatoes, install tomato stakes
May 14: plant flowers, watermelon plants

Sound like fun? Email and her know what days you would like to come out to the farm. Coffee and donuts will be served in the morning, and a nice lunch will be provided for each of the field days. This is a FREE event; there is no charge to come. You are helping us out, while experiencing farm life. Kids and families are welcome. Please email Abby to rsvp.

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Week of  May 23
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